Software SAP2000 Version 21.2.0

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SAP2000 adalah salah satu aplikasi acara terpopuler untuk desain dan analisa struktur di kalangan engineer sipil. Aplikasi struktur ini sudah terbukti banyak menyelesaikan task semenjak tahun 1975. Dari laman resminya csi america berikut ini penjelasan mengenai aplikasi acara SAP2000 V. 21.2.Zero selengkapnya.

It carries crucial statistics that may be extra present day than what is within the Manuals.


1. Installation Instructions for SAP2000 v21.2.0

2. Installation Instructions for License Manager nine.Four

3. New Features for SAP2000 v21

Four. Arsip Compatibility with Older Versions

Software For Structure Analysis and Design


Software for Oil and Gas Design

Software for Oil and Gas Design

1. Installation Instructions for SAP2000 v21.2.0

SAP2000 v21.2.0 is available electronically as a complete installation by down load from the internet

the usage of the CSI Installation Wizard. Installing SAP2000 v21 will now not uninstall older versions of SAP2000.

SAP2000 v21.2.Zero is available only as a 64-bit utility and must be set up and run on a sixty four-bit

Windows working system. Windows 7 SP1 (with ultra-modern Windows Updates), 8.1 (with Update

2919355), and Windows 10 Build 1507 or better are currently supported. Whether you are using a

standalone license or network license, the full application have to be hooked up on every computing device

where SAP2000 could be used.

Use the Installation Wizard to manual you step-by-step via the method of installation and


Before installation, make certain you have your Activation Key to be had if you’ll be the usage of a Standalone license. You need to have acquired this by using email from CSI or your local CSI Partner. If you may be the usage of a Network license, it’s far important to have the licenses already activated at the license server that is reachable to the computing device.

To begin the CSI Installation Wizard, click this hyperlink:


The Wizard will start and guide you via the process. The real files wanted for installation

might be downloaded as necessary. An active internet connection is required in the course of the set up and licensing method.

The license activation server ports are 80 and 443. If either of these ports is blocked, they need to

be opened. Otherwise license activation will now not be possible.

Windows User Account Control (UAC)

For latest versions of the Windows working system, User Account Control (UAC) is enabled by means of

default. When UAC is became on, you need to explicitly supply permission to any application that desires to

use “Administrative” privileges. Any acara that tries to use Administrative privileges with out

your permission can be denied access.

The set up of SAP2000 and the activation of the license require “Administrative” privileges to

run. When installing SAP2000 with UAC enabled, you ought to anticipate to be precipitated to permit the

installer get right of entry to to device folders and Windows registry. Please permit it to keep in order that the

set up can complete.

2. Installation Instructions for License Manager nine.Four

The records on this section does now not apply in case you are the usage of Standalone licenses.

License Server

If you may be the use of a community license to run SAP2000, the Sentinel RMS License Manager 9.4

and the Sentinel RMS nine.Four Utilities need to be set up on a license server, which is typically no longer one

of the patron workstations.

If you are already walking RMS License Manager model nine.Four, then you handiest want to add the

SAP2000 v21 licenses. If you’re jogging an older model of RMS, you will want to upgrade to

model nine.4. If you aren’t yet walking RMS in any respect, then you definitely want to install the nine.Four model of the

License Manager and the Utilities.

All of those alternatives are first-class achieved using the CSI Installation Wizard, with the intention to manual you via

the stairs important to deal with your particular scenario. If this may include upgrading a preceding

version of RMS to 9.4, you ought to do this at a time while no users are going for walks aplikasi this is

using any of the prevailing licenses.

An energetic net connection is required at some stage in the installation and licensing manner. The

license activation server ports are eighty and 443. If both of these ports is blocked, they need to be

opened if you are activating a Network license.

If you prefer to do this without using the Wizard, in addition records may be determined at the CSI wiki

web page for this subject matter.

On the purchaser workstations

To speed up locating a community license whilst SAP2000 is launched, you may do both or both of the


? Create a text report, LEVEL.TXT, and enter the ProgramLevel in a single line. The

ProgramLevel ought to be one of the following:



Save this file to the folder wherein SAP2000 is established. This report will cause this system to

discover the license quicker.

? Create a textual content report, LMHOST.INI, and enter the network name or IP address of the system

that is strolling the License Manager. If you are serving licenses on multiple machine,

enter every name or IP cope with on a separate line of text. Save this document to the folder in which

SAP2000 is set up.

? Either the LEVEL.TXT record or the LMHOST.INI document also can be located within the person settings

folder, which may be determined by getting into ?%LocalAppData%Computers and

StructuresSAP2000 21? (with out prices) in Windows Explorer. Accessing this folder does

not require administrative permissions like the set up folder does. Files positioned in the

consumer settings folder will take priority over those in the installation folder.

As an opportunity to the usage of the LEVEL.TXT file, you could specify the acara level as a commandline alternative. To try this, use the Windows Run command or create a shortcut pointing to

SAP2000.Exe in the set up folder. Add the following textual content to the command line after


/L ProgramLevel

in which ProgramLevel is one of the values listed above for the LEVEL.TXT record. Specifying

ProgramLevel at the command line will supersede the price inside the LEVEL.TXT report.

3. New Features for SAP2000 v21

SAP2000 v21 is a chief new release, and widespread new features have been brought or stronger

on account that SAP2000 v20.

For extra facts approximately this launch, please visit the SAP2000 releases web page at


An overview of the overall energy of SAP2000 is to be had at


A entire list of all changes is supplied within the separate report ReleaseNotes.PDF inside the Manuals

subfolder of the set up folder and is likewise available when jogging SAP2000 the usage of the command

Help > Documentation.

Four. Arsip Compatibility with Older Versions

SAP2000 v21.2.0 can open model documents (*.SDB), in addition to import SAP2000 database documents

(*.S2K,*.$2K, *.XLS, and *.MDB) from the cutting-edge and the previous main model of SAP2000

(v20.Zero.0 to v21.1.0), until especially said in any other case in this file. In maximum instances SAP2000

v21.2.Zero can without delay open version documents from older versions as properly, but if now not, they are able to generally be

opened by the usage of the intermediate versions in series. CSI can not be answerable for establishing

version files for older versions that can’t be run on recent machines or working systems due to

modifications beyond CSI?S manage.

Note that during sure instances results might also fluctuate for fashions run in newer versions in comparison to older

variations due to upgrades and trojan horse fixes as documented within the Release Notes for the intervening

variations. Note that after you store or run older fashions in v21.2.0, they will not be usable with the aid of older

variations of this system, so that you have to keep them beneath a new name after starting or uploading

them in v21.2.0.

Jangan lupa untuk proportion aplikasi acara ini di sosial media kalian atau ke rekan teknik sipil lainnya, agar semakin bermanfaat.

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